NOTES home fragrances – Variety for your home

If there’s one thing that NOTES home fragrances are good at, that’s the complexity of scents. All our fragrances have been developed by our in-house skilled perfumers. For each home fragrance they create they spent many hours in the fragrance lab composing the three main components of a fragrance: the three notes: „top notes“,“middle notes“ and „base notes“. 

Many other home fragrance have a very straight forward and simple composition with one simple main note. For example an orange scent smells like … exactly just oranges. Boring, huh? What makes NOTES fragrances so special is their variance and exquisiteness. There’s not that one simple scent, it’s an exciting mix of multiple layers. Quickly you will smell the fine composition and notice that there is so much more to discover in the complex world of our fragrances. Each NOTES fragrance carries not only the three layers, the three notes, but also each layer carries multiple scents.

Take for example our bestseller

LXV – Whispering Woods & Mandarin

Top notes:
Mandarin Orange, Fresh Bergamot, Lime
Middle notes:
Soft Moss, Anise, Geranium
Base notes:
Teak, Sandalwood, Amber Patchouli


How is a fragrance composed?
Understanding the different layers of a perfume

What are top notes?

Top notes are reaching your nose the first. It’s the first impression you get from a fragrance. They are the “head” of a fragrance and usually are rather light. They fade away quicker and make space for the body of the fragrance, the middle and base notes.  Cheap, regular home fragrance usually make use of simple top notes that won’t last long and are not very sophisticated. NOTES takes it one step further and makes fragrances more complex and unique. That’s where the middle and base notes come into play. 

What are middle notes?

When you focus on your fragrance after the first impression of the top note has diminished, you will start to smell the deeper levels of the scent. The middle note is sometimes also referred to the „heart“ or the body of the fragrance. They are longer lasting than the top note and you can smell them for much longer. Usually they are very pleasant, balanced notes.

What are base notes?

The base notes are the part of a fragrance that lingers for the longest time. Together with the middle notes the build the essence of the fragrance, the body. Usually they are rich and leave a lasting impression on you.                                                                  

Why are NOTES home fragrance products black and white?

The NOTES home fragrance products come in monochrome shades, in white, dark grey and anthracite. We love the minimal design, because it’s modern and clean and just looks sophisticated.

But for NOTES the design also has a deeper meaning. The design might be simple and minimal, but once you close your eyes you will dive into a wonderful, colorful world of fragrance. We specifically designed our products this way, because we want to give people the space to dive into their very own interpretation and associations of the fragrance. The variance of emotions that a fragrance can evoke is so much bigger than what an outgoing design, a pattern or colour could ever capture. Trust what your nose will tell you and get inspired by your fantasy. NOTES fragrances are there to awaken your own imagination. Dream away.

So in the end, even though it’s minimal, even the design stands for complexity and a multifaceted nature. And if you think about it – a white, clean candle fits to so many homes, interior designs and personalities. NOTES home fragrances  embrace diversity and variety. In the end it’s you, our NOTES fans, who make the world of fragrance so vibrant: Your homes, your personalities and your choices!