Our fragrance, your choice

We’re not here to tell you what you should want. You know perfectly well what you want. And what you don’t want. It’s your choice. It’s a celebration of your authenticity. Your style. Your power to choose.

Notes combines genuine North American craftsmanship with a unique and fresh European design. Its fragrances are simple, refined and aesthetically pleasing. In an ever-changing market, you need to offer something different, something quite special. At least if you want today’s empowered woman to take Note.

It’s why we’ve created this innovative brand for modern interiors with a hint of Nordic vibe.

You pick the fragrance you like.
The number you like. Your number.

Notes products are created with love in an in-house fragrance lab and are manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. Exclusive, high-quality products that offer exceptional value for money.

We are fragrance designers who take your home very seriously. We want to help you set the perfect mood. That’s why we go for top quality. It’s what we do. All day. Every day. We create, we innovate, we manufacture. We want it to be perfect for you. To feel exactly right. Just as you want it.

Most associate a note with a few words written on a Post-it or a piece of paper. For us, however, a note is much more than that.

See, fine fragrances are complex. The notes we are talking about can be explained by using a musical metaphor. Three sets of notes make a perfect harmonious scent chord. On the fragrance scale, there are three variants of these notes. Top notes are the first thing you smell and often form the initial impression of a fragrance. In a sense, this is the most important note from a selling perspective.

However, as time passes, the fragrances evaporate. You can then slowly start to scent the deeper notes: the middle and base notes. We understand that these notes might be just as important as the initial top note and therefore handpick the middle and base notes with the utmost precision and know-how. These three notes combined create the perfect fragrance.

On our packaging, we have described all the notes for you from top to bottom, as with our XC Fragrance, for example:

1. Perfumed Sticks
Lasts approximately up to 60 days.
2. Perfumed Sachet
Lasts approximately up to 4 months.

3. Small Candle
Burn time 30-40 hours (1 wick).
4. Medium Candle
Burn time 80-90 hours (1 wick).
5. Large Candle
Burn time 110-120 hours (3 wicks).

Our Fragrance, your choice

We’ve created a variety of lovely home fragrances to choose from, depending on your mood or personal taste or even the time of day. So… what’s your number?

The Notes candle collection is made with a soy wax blend and cotton wicks to create the cleanest burn.

Watery Greens & Lime

Soft Bergamot & Tonka Bean

White Musk & Fresh Magnolia

Orange Blossom & Patchouli

Tart Citrus & Cassis

Tobacco Flowers & Patchouli

Violet Leaves & Cedarwood

Whispering Woods & Mandarin

Blonde Leather & Rose

Smoked Amber & Oud

Choose your Bag
A gift to spoil yourself or to give to another. You choose. We’ve got you covered for all occasions.

Matches to light your fire.

Upgrade your perfumed sachet with our gift envelope. Nicely embossed to create a present worth receiving.

With our contemporary displays, Notes will certainly get your customers’ attention. A high-end, oak-based fragrance center with beautiful glass domes to top-off your display. Allows your customers to experience the fragrances and helps them choose their favorite.

Wick trimmer
The wick trimmer is an essential accessory that will allow you to keep the wick of your Notes candle at an ideal length. Avoids soot and keeps the candle wax clean.

Small display 66x40x200cm (w x d x h)
Large display 120x40x200 cm (w x d x h)

Small display contents
5 fragrances in all 5 product categories (you can choose yourself)

Large display contents
10 fragrances in all 5 product categories